Choices Choices!!

2011-01-15 15:52:05 by Poopoothegorilla

So many choices!! so far i am working on three different projects one which i think will be finished sooooooonnn!!!

New Game Out

2010-12-14 19:29:01 by Poopoothegorilla

Hope you enjoy it!

New Game in Works

2007-12-20 19:11:41 by Poopoothegorilla

Right now i am currently working on a game with woadraider. It might be called Sweet Revenge, the player is a cupcake that is seeking to get back his stolen girlfriend/wife i donna. anyway this game is meant to be a similar style to the new castle crashers game. I have been very excited about its development and i decided to make a game similar in style, hopefully i can get this out before castle crashers hits the scene.

-but yeh so far i still cant think of a really good title, like "sweet revenge" its ok but not the best, do write any good names.

New Game in Works

Hey i am poopoo

2007-07-17 20:57:19 by Poopoothegorilla

my name is poopoo i am a gorilla that the cold spring harbor labs have been performing tests on